Tet Nay Win is a group of companies and authorized distributor of palazzo furniture. Showroom is Franzzo Living Mall.

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Luxury furniture and home accessories from the best brands. Elegant Antique Superior lifestyle.


Palazzo furniture is a renowned designer of Italian Baroque furniture as well as a great architect and sculptor in the later half of the 17th century. Palazzo Furniture uploads the design concept of "Luxury,Nobility,Elegance, Romanticism" absorbs the artistic elements of European classic furniture, embodies the charm of European classic art while catering to the taste of modern world and well applying Human Body engineering to ensure the comfort of the products.

With all these concepts, Palazzo Furniture is gorgeous yet plain, lovely yet elegant, noble and classic. It pursues perfect technique as unremittingly as Palazzo in perfecting his works thus brings artistic enjoyment and gracefulness to your life. -

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